Who is the best interior designer in the world?

Antonovich Group always guarantees that each interior design arrangement it handles has a distinct design and style that makes it stand out. By building a visually appealing and distinctive style, we are continually aiming to give the greatest interior design in the UAE. As a result, Antonovich Group was recognized as the best interior designer in the UAE. We consistently deliver extremely excellent design implementations and executions, as well as highly professional work that exemplifies the most attractive and appealing style. Having an in-house experienced interior designer has always been its main advantage in giving total design solutions for any home project.

interior designer


Our interior designer constantly executes the finest design solutions for every residential project, from rigorous layout planning and organization to design implementations and fit-out activities. Because we carefully selected each and every decoration and piece of furniture that will be included in this interior design, the entire interior design setting of this project stresses luxury and elegance, which has been precisely made by the most expert interior designer.


Antonovich Group has its own production and manufacturing to meet the demands of all types of furniture design, decorations, and other interior design materials. It also offers the ability to create bespoke furniture designs, making each room design unique.

All of the furniture, decorations, and home accessories in this interior design were meticulously selected to meet the client’s criteria and the team’s ideal interior design talents. As the best interior designer in the UAE, we ensured that the complete interior design will be filled with the most extravagant and beautiful decorations and style.